Quality Custom Websites

You design, I code. Fully functional, responsive mobile friendly websites from scratch.

Whether you want to design with Photoshop, Illustrator, or even Sketch, I can build a whole website for you that’s quality coded, matches your beautiful design and meets your project requirements.

My idea of quality coded

  • Smooth and efficient loading

    Because slow sites frustrates visitors and makes them leave.

  • Mobile and responsive

    These days more than half of digital traffic comes from mobile devices. I’ll make sure your website works well on modern mobile devices because this is practically crucial for your online credibility.

  • Cross-browser compatible

    Everybody is entitled to use whatever browser and platform they choose, and every deserves to have the same optimum experience when they are on your website.

  • Search-engine friendly code

    I code websites so search engines like Google and Live can crawl and index them efficiently.

  • W3C Compliant

    Every site that I build is validated in accordance with the World Wide Web Consortium. Not only does validation make websites accessible, it also helps make them future proof and easier to maintain in the long run.

  • Fully functional and QA Tested

    Every site that I build goes through a thorough testing phase to make sure there are no bugs or vulnerabilities and that the website works from a user’s perspective.

Let’s work together!

Share your designs and project requirements with me so I can provide estimates on costs and turn-around times, we can also discuss strategy on how we can work efficiently and lucratively together. The first thing you gotta do is get in touch with me.

Frequently asked questions

Can I use my own hosting?

Yes, when the website is done I can package up the files and send them to you. I can even upload them on the server for you. The only thing is once it’s on your hosting there may be a limit on how much support I can offer.

Do you have your own hosting?

No, I just help my clients launch their website for them anyway that I can.

There are already so many companies out there that provide hosting solutions at very competitive prices. These companies also provide decent hosting and maintenance solutions. If you need advice on which company and which plan to go with I can help you with that as well.

I usually recommend that they go on WP Engine because of their speed, security and great tech support!

Do you want to have any credit?

No, I don’t require any credit or the right to showcase the work that I did to the public.

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