WordPress Development

WordPress websites hand-coded from scratch with ease-of-use and flexibility in mind.

I’ve worked with designers on dozens of WordPress projects from small blogging solutions to large-budget implementations. I can help edit existing WordPress themes, WordPress troubleshooting, not to mention build WordPress sites from scratch.

What you can expect from a WordPress site built by me

  • No Manuals

    Once clients login to the admin they will be able to workout where and how to edit content and update their websites will minimal guidance and instruction.

  • Minimal use of plugins

    I don’t rely too much on dodgy third-party plugins or apps, everything is built from the ground up with care and scalability in mind.

  • No templates

    No off the shelf templates, its all my code!

  • Custom quality coded

Let’s work together!

You can show me your designs so I can provide estimates on costs and turn-around times, we can also discuss strategy on how we can work efficiently and lucratively together. You gotta make the first step so get in touch with me.

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