Maintenance & Support

I make sure websites are safe, secure and that they are up and running all the time.

After a website is built most clients underestimate the amount of work involved in actually having a website and thats where I come in.

So what could happen without maintenance?

  • Spam attack!

    Your inbox could be filled with spam.

  • Hackers!

    Most of us underestimate the chances that their website can get hacked!.

  • Downtime!

    A page or even the whole site out could break and show a 404 error.

  • No leads?!

    What’s going to happen when your contact form stops working?

  • No sales?!

    What’s going to happen when you don’t receive payments?

  • Business closed

    Once you suffer any of the above it could take a few hours to a whole week to recover and get your business back up again!

Wanna avoid any unsuspected headaches?

If you’re willing to let me host on my reliable server then contact me so I can taylor a service for you.

Frequently asked questions

Seriously, how likely is a website going to get hacked?

Even if your website isn’t an ecommerce platform that stores credit card information, hackers can use personal information in order deploy schemes involving theft and money laundering.

Another thing that is really valuable to hackers is your hosting which they can use to store malicious files and send spam.

What kind of work is involved?

Most of the work involves scanning through all the website files and databases for vulnerabilities, making back-ups and updating files with the latest security patches.

Time is also spent checking with website from user’s perspective and completing client requests.

What are the costs involved?

It depends on the size and complexity of the website as well as how much you wish to be involved in the process.

If you do not want to have any responsibility of the website after it’s been built you can just forward your clients to me.

Alternatively if you’re interested in making a passive income, I can offer attractive rates, so then you can add your own markup for your clients.

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