Just some random articles and web developer notes I write time to time.

How can you improve the speed of your WordPress site?

I know how to build websites that load efficiently and smoothly, but there still a few things that I need from your server....

How to install a SSL

Some basic fundamentals that freelance web developer should know about installing an SSL.


Just a few notes on encryption.

MySQL Queries

A few of MySQL queries every WordPress developer should be familiar with...

Junior web developer tips

I’ve been a freelance web developer for while, before that worked in a few agencies and even had the opportunity to mentor a couple of juniors. So here are the following things that I believe make a good web developer.

Data entry

You're demo website is ready and now it's time for you to do data entry!

Hardening a WordPress site

Checklist to make sure you're website doesn't get hacked.

The Internet

The internet is a network connecting computers and servers.


Whilst the Internet connects computers and servers together, HTTP is how computers and servers communicate over the internet.

Color and Resolution

Beyond the cool graphics we see on our screen are pixels that build up the images.

Character Encoding

The translation of computer binary to human readable characters.


Whilst we humans speak with all kinds of pronunciations using a range of characters in our alphabet. Computers have bits.

Accepting Credit Card Payments

Your new Woocommerce store is installed and ready with all your products to sell, but how are you gonna accept payments?


Familiarize yourself with the basic terms of computer, server and graphic user interface.

Writing SEO-rich content

Write better SEO content using Yoast's Content Analysis Tool.

Roles in WordPress

Let's say that you wanna build a website that'll allow some of your visitors to view certain information that others can't and even give certain visitors the ability to edit their own stuff. WordPress has inbuilt users!

Command line interface

Here's a tonne of terminal commands that all web developers should be familiar with...

Javascript’s “This”

When a method is called, “this” is referring to the object that is provoking the method.

What are Cache and Cookies?

In a nutshell it's our web browser's memory.

What is XML

XML (Extensible Markup Language) is like HTML, except it's purpose is not to display data, but merely to store data.

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