Value Consulting Partners

Creative Director Sinéad McDevitt needed a web developer with decent skills in animation in order to produce a simple but effective website that she designed for her client Value Consulting Partners.

This website required a few animations and smooth transitions, from when the page loads to when the user has scrolled to a certain section. The homepage is built up of a maze, as the page loads the lines of the maze draw in, and then the orange dots flash on an off randomly.


The animations were done using SVG, CSS and Javascript. The Sinead didn’t have to specify keyframes or create a video for me, I just did it and then we took it from there. At the start she described the animation (“I wanted the cards to be drawn and then they open like a fan”), after I did it she then told me things like, “make the drawing a tiny bit faster, but keep the speed of the fanning just the way it is”.


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